The most important things to know about me as an artisan is that I love glass, lots of colour, plenty of detail, and I enjoy a challenge.

I view the contents of my Etsy shop as both an active ready-for-market point of sale for some customers; and a "gallery of ideas" for those customers looking to have something custom made.

An idea might evolve from my shop as follows:

  • A customer saw this Tree of Life mosaic table, liked the design.

Tree of Life Mosaic Table

  • The customer contacted me to see if the design could be done as a stained glass panel, with a colour scheme more suited to his home - and much larger.  He also wondered if it would be possible to incorporate some Celtic symbology into the design.  This was the result.

Tree of Life with Celtic Ornaments
  • After seeing this panel, another customer contacted me to see inquire about ordering the same design, but in a different colour scheme to match her daughter's bedroom.  She also wondered about incorporating a fleur-de-lis and a moon symbol to the Celtic ornamentation.  The piece was a bit smaller this time at 16"x16"

Tree of Life with Celtic, French, Moon Ornaments
  • At this point it struck me that this Tree of Life concept had some legs, so I created a small, simpler version, ready-made for my Etsy shop.

Tree of Life at Sunset 10x10
  • Another customer saw this and requested something simliar, but larger, so I reproduced the design at 18"x18"

Tree of Life at Sunset 18x18

Needless to say, I heartily invite custom requests and am pleased to fulfill them if at all possible.  (And if it's not possible, I'll always expain why.)  I find the collaborative process to be smooth,  enjoyable and suprisingly unencumbered by distance.  

When I'm not busy fulfilling custom requests, I like to work on new ready-made items for my shop.  So for those, who may not have the nerve to take on the custom experience just yet, I would encourage them to check back often and see what's new.

Susan Gay, Principal Artisan

Smash Glassworks

Toronto, Canada